Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Flirt Squad Challenge


I presented our guest author, Cindi Madsen, with the first official Flirt Squad Challenge Question, and I freaking LOVE her answer!

To play along, and earn 25 POINTS toward the DOS Challenge, simply answer the question below on your own blog, Facebook page, or some other public medium, along with a link back to the Official Flirt Squad Welcome post, inviting them to join in the fun....and you know you're having a blast with me on those docs (he he!)

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Our Flirt Squad Challenge Question for the month of August is:

What is the silliest thing you ever did to get someone's attention?

My reply will be posted on my main blog page "The Craziest Thing I Ever Did To Get Someone's Attention," and here's Cindi Madsen's response:

I don’t really have one certain instance, but with a small town, you pretty much know what everyone drives. So if I spotted the car of the boy I liked stopped at Winco (It was the local convenience store) I’d stop in. I mean, I could always use another Mountain Dew or Snickers or whatever, so it was the perfect excuse.

Only then I’d see the guy and I would just kinda avoid them because all my courage was gone and I didn’t know what to say. I became VERY interested in the candy shelf, scared to look up.

I always hoped they’d come up to me and smile and I don’t know, ask me out or SOMETHING. But I was usually lucky to get a “hi,” head nod, or wave.

I always wondered if I would’ve said something besides “hi” back, if we could’ve gotten something going. But instead I just stood there, gripping my soda and candy like my life depended on it, wondering how the heck anyone ever got a boyfriend.

They probably just thought I was really into my junk food. Lol!

He he, I LOVE it!! Didn't I tell you people that Cindi was awesome? I can so relate to teenage Cindi... sigh.

What about YOU?? What is the Silliest/Craziest/Most Embarrassing thing YOU ever did to get someone's attention??

I don"t really have any, but this one time I was with a group of Friends and we where at our county fair. I saw a friend and I wanted to say Hi, but she was too far away to see me so I started waving and waving until it looked like I was doing jumping jacks in the middle of the walk path and every one started to stare so I just ran over scaring her almost half to death. :P

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