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A Review and Deleted scene from A Tale of Two Centuries by Rachel Harris

Allessandra D'Angeli is in need of an adventure. Tired of her sixteenth-century life in Italy and homesick for her time-traveling cousin, Cat, who visited her for a magical week and dazzled her with tales of the future, alessandra is lost. Until stars hear her plea. One magical spell later, Alessandra appears on Cat's Beverly Hills doorstep five hundred years in the future. surrounded by confusing gadgets, scary transportation, and scandalous clothing, Less is hesitated to live the life of a twenty-first century teen...until she meets the infuriating-and infuriatingly handsome-surfer Austin Michaels. austin challenges everthing she believes in...and introduces to a world filled with possibility. Whith the clock ticking, Less knows she must live every moment of her modern life while she can. but how will she return to the drab life of her past when the future is what holds everything she's come to love?    

About the Author 
As a teen Rachel Harris threw ragging parties that shook her parents' walls and created embarrassing fodder for future YA novels  As an adult, she reads and writes obsessively, rehashes said embarrassing fodder, and dreams up characters who become her own grown up versions of imaginary friends. 

When she's not typing furiously or flipping pages in an enthralling romance, you can find her homeschooling her two beautiful princesses, hanging out with her amazing husband, or taking a hot bubble bath...next to a pile of chocolate. A Tale of Two Centuries is her second novel. 

Ciara Said: 

A Tale of Two Centuries is like experiencing the twenty first century from a whole new perspective. This amazing tale was written by Rachel Harris, who is an amazing YA and adult romance author.  When I heard about this new book I knew it was going to be fantastic and a great addition to the series. Before I got my ARC, being apart of the Flirt Squad, I got to see snippets and teasers of the book before the release, every time I read one it left me wanting more.

In the first book they introduced you to Cat who is still a big apart in this book and Alessandra a.k.a Less whom is the main point of view in this book. Cat who is Less’ great, great, great...cousin from the twenty first century met a gypsy who sent her back to the 16th century renaissance period. There she spent a week getting to know Less’, finding who she is, and falling in love. She told Less magical stories about the future that Less wished she could see and experience.

In this book we time travel with Less to the future after the man she thought she was going to marry married someone else leaving Alessandra heart broken and lost. Until she the gypsy girl found her again telling her she was going to go on a trip of wonder with many adventures. Of course Less was excited but once she cot to the twenty first century she was lost she didn’t know where to find Cat or how to get there. Threw the story you see how Less learns the simple things we do or say everyday, struggling with who she is and what her time wants her to be.

Now for love interests Rachel Harris does it again with her swoontastic and flirtatious book boyfriends. First up is Austin he is first introduced as the bad boy in school who really pushes Less’ buttons. He “challenges” her in this new world, and they bring out the best in each other. As the story goes on the two fall in love, Less helps Austin break down his walls and find his true self again. Now for Lucas he is a sweet and sensitive guy who is crazy in love for Cat. He sticks by her and keeps trying even though she keeps pushing him away, so she doesn’t get hurt again like she did with Lorenzo. With Lucas’ persistence and determination Cat may finally open her heart and let him in.

I love how this book is about following your dreams and finding who you are and what you are supposed to be. Less is a big example for that theme as she dreams of being an actress, this book opens up opportunities she can only imagine for her natural talents in acting. Who knows I think she would make a great Juliet.

Will Alessandra and Austin be together forever? Will Less get to follow her dream as an actress? What will happen with Lucas and Cat? - This is a book you don’t want to miss.  

                 Now for a Deleted scene:

“Anything with you is exciting, Princess.” He moves his hand beneath my thick hair and plays with the wisps at the nape of my neck. Brushing his lips against mine, just a tease, he then lifts his head and grins. “And, it just so happens I like pizza”—another light brush—“and movies.” His mouth presses more firmly this time for a prolonged, lingering touch, and then he shrugs. “And I guess the company is decent enough.”
“Oh, is that right?” I ask, trying to feign insult, but mostly succeeding in sounding breathless. “Only decent?”
He glides the tip of his nose against mine. “Mmm hmm.”
I pinch the taut skin at his waist and he chuckles. The sound does glorious things to my insides. Then, finally, Austin strengthens his hold around me, crushing me to his chest, and tilts his head, capturing my lips in a long, searing kiss that has me clinging to his shoulders.
“Oh yuck,” a disgusted voice says a little later. “No offense, Alessandra, but I really don’t want to see my brother doing that.”
With an abrupt laugh of embarrassment, I pull away and bury my head in the crook between Austin’s neck and shoulder.
He sighs. “Jamie, your timing is excellent as always.”
“Hey, it’s a gift.” At the spirited tone in her voice, I look up. Jamie scrunches her nose. “But seriously, it should be illegal for big brothers to make out in public. It’s traumatizing.”
A ghost of a smile plays on Austin’s slightly kiss-swollen lips. “Well, you know, next time you could just walk away and not interrupt.”
“But where’s the fun in that?” she asks with a mock-frown. Then she grabs my hand and tugs me away from Austin’s arms and into her own—the enthusiasm of her hug nearly knocking me over. “And dude, why didn’t you tell me the two of you were hooking up? You do realize we’re practically sisters now. Sisters spill the deets.”
“Uh,” I say intelligently, more than a little confused on how to proceed. I lean back and look at Austin. “Well—”
“Because maybe some people have class?” Austin softens his words by rubbing the top of his sister’s head. Jamie rolls her eyes and slaps his hand away, but the apparent affection between them makes me smile despite my previous mortification.
“Whatever,” she says. “For real, I’m just glad you finally wised up. You’re lucky my girl put up with you until you did. Are you done with rehearsal?” This last part she directs at me, swinging her eyes back to me as swiftly as the topic change.
“Just finished,” I confirm. Though my head still spins from her chaotic way of speaking, I can’t help feeling proud of my ability to keep up. If I can navigate the muddy waters of Jamie’s conversation with ease, there’s no doubt I’ve become fully acclimated to this world. “And my driver is waiting outside, or else I’d stay for yours. I am sure you’ll be wonderful.”
She licks her finger and makes a sizzling noise as she touches her shoulder. “You know it.” She laughs again and gently shoves my shoulder toward Austin. “I’m gonna let you two say your mushy good-byes in private, ’cause seeing that once in a lifetime is more than enough.” Wiggling her fingers in a wave she says, “Laters, bro.”
I watch Jamie walk away and turn to find Austin doing the same with a tender smile on his face. Something in my chest squeezes and I fall for him all the more.
When the stage door closes shut behind her, he turns and locks his hands around my waist. “My sister’s nuts, but she was right about one thing.”
“And what is that?”
His forehead dips down to mine. “I am lucky you hung around until I wised up.”
“Well, it certainly took you long enough.”
I loop my arms around his neck with a grin, and Austin laughs. “What can I say? Guys aren’t exactly known for being quick on the uptake.” On the stage behind us, the shuffling sounds of the crew laying out another scene hints at the busyness to come and I exhale a frustrated breath, knowing it’s time to go. Austin rubs his hands up and down my arms, almost as if he’s hesitant to let me. “I have to stay and bring Jamie home after her scene, but I’ll come by your house after.” His eyes grow serious. “And you better save me some pizza, woman.”
I shrug. “I shall try. But I am feeling awfully hungry. Rehearsals take a lot out of a girl.”
He gives me one of his devilish grins and kisses me again, and a minute later I walk away with my own wide smile, backside tingling from the playful swat he gave it for daring to tease him about something as important as food. As my driver closes the door behind me and takes off for home, I watch the theatre grow smaller through my back window and decide that Jamie was wrong. I am the one who is lucky. Thanks to Signore and a little gypsy magic, I’m experiencing an opportunity of a lifetime. I have a cousin who is more like a sister to share it with, a handful of caring friends, and a boy who makes me feel more special and loved than I ever have before.
Regardless of what the future holds for me, Fate has been unbelievably kind.

Where to buy visit: 

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Hey, it is 2013 so that means we have a NEW Flirt Squad challenge.......

There's something about the start of a new year. A fresh slate. An entire 12 months set before you, all filled with possibility. With the excitement of new beginnings in the air, it seems like an excellent time for another Flirt Squad challenge :)

If you're new to the game, let me quickly explain what the Flirt Squad is.

The Flirt Squad is my super awesome street team, and along with helping spread the word about my own books around release time, we like to spread the word about other fabulous books and authors.

We have regular giveaways and challenges, and members earn all kinds of prizes. To become a regular member of the Flirt Squad (and have a chance to not only earn tons of swag but also get your name in the Acknowledgements of my book or even become a character!) head over to my Flirt Squad Page for all the details.Go ahead, we'll wait (*grin*)

Back? Awesome. Because this month's challenge is BIG. And believe me, you're gonna want to play along.

Since January is the month for resolutions, I thought it would be fun to play with that idea. I've asked some of my good friends to join in, and not only did they say yes, but they've also thrown in prizes!

All month long we'll be "meeting" these authors, getting to know what 2013 holds for them, and what their personal New Year's Resolutions are. And all month long you'll be earning points in order to win the goodies they've brought to the party.

Here's How To Earn Points

Along with guest posts featuring them throughout the month, each of the participating authors have crafted New Year Resolution tweets for the main characters in their books. It's a fun way to get to know their books and characters better. And copying these tweets is an excellent way you can let others know about these fabulous books.

If you are new to these challenges, you can leave a comment below with your contact info to let me know you're playing along (and so I can find you if you win!), and then jump in and start playing!

***Regular Flirt Squad Members--Since so many of us enjoy tracking points (and chatting) via the always fun Google doc, I've created a special one for this challenge. Email me (FlirtSquad@gmail.com) if you did not recieve the email with the link!***

The tweets are listed below and all you have to do is copy and post them--each tweet equals one point. I"ll be following the hashtag to award your points.

Yes, you can tweet more than one of the tweets listed below each day.

No, please don't tweet the same tweet more than once per day. Spread the love around :)

Just A Suggestion: while there isn't a limit on how many tweets you can send a day (other than not the same one more than once), I highly suggest you either space them out or limit them or you may just drive your followers batty!

For an additional 10 points, you can also do a blog post about the event. Tell me one of YOUR New Year's Resolutions, and include which of the characters tweets below is closest to your own. Link back to this post and either tweet it out with the hashtag (#FlirtSquadResolutions) or leave it in the comments below, and I'll award the additional pointage.

This challenge will run until February 1st, 2013.

Up For Grabs

One Grand Prize Winner wins a Super Sized ebook pack featuring:

My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century by yours truly
Gravity by Melissa West
All The Broken Pieces by Cindi Madsen
Inbetween by Tara Fuller
Greta and the Goblin King by Chloe Jacobs
Pretty Amy by Lisa Burstein
Conjure by Lea Nolan
Love All by Kelly Hashway
Spectral from Shannon Duffy
Almost and Unmaking Hunter Kennedy by Anne Eliot
   and YOUR CHOICE of any one of Nyrae Dawn's books!
And as if that wasn't enough, the Grand Prize Winner ALSO wins:

Signed swag from The Collector: A Dante Walker Novel from Victoria Scott
Signed Paperback of Destiny's Fire by Trisha Wolfe

A brilliant, hand-designed Angel Academy bracelet from Cecily White!

TWO Additional Winners Win Signed Swag from:

My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century
Spectral and Gabriel Stone and the Divinity of Valta from Shannon Duffy
Love All and Touch of Death from Kelly Hashway
Destiny's Fire from Trisha Wolfe
Conjure swag pack including a magnet, signed bookmark, and silicone bracelet
What a Boy Wants bookmarks and Charade postcards from Nyrae Dawn

And Now For The Resolutions

From My Super Sweet 16th Century & the 2013 sequel A Tale of Two Centuries by moi:

In 2013, I vow to be as bold as Cat, and give in to my artistic side. #FlirtSquadResolutions http://amzn.to/R1s2do
In 2013, I vow to be like Alessandra & go after my dreams regardless of what others may think. #FlirtSquadResolutions http://amzn.to/RwAl0N

From Greta and The Goblin Kin by Chloe Jacobs:

In 2013 I vow to take control of my future like Greta in GRETA AND THE GOBLIN KING @Jacobs_Chloe http://amzn.to/TYa8bV #FlirtSquadResolutions

From Pretty Amy and Dear Cassie by Lisa Burstein:

In 2013, I vow to learn to love myself like AMY #FlirtSquadResolutions http://amzn.to/T6QzaW
In 2013, I vow to learn to love someone else like CASSIE #FlirtSquadResolutions http://amzn.to/UnBTM4

From All The Broken Pieces by Cindi Madsen

In 2013, I vow to check some things off my need-to-experience list, like Liv & Spencer do #FlirtSquadResolutions http://amzn.to/RvlLpr
In 2013, I will be like Liv and learn to go after what I want, even if I might fall on my face #FlirtSquadResolutions http://amzn.to/RvlLpr

From Inbetween by Tara Fuller:

In 2013, I vow to be more like Finn from INBETWEEN, by refusing to give up on what I want in life. #FlirtSquadResolutions

From Touch of Death and Love All by Kelly Hashway:

In 2013, I vow to be like Jodi and put the needs of others before my own. http://www.amazon.com/Touch-Death-Kelly-Hashway/dp/193705330X #FlirtSquadResolutions
In 2013, I vow to be like Meg and open my heart to love. http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/16096146-love-all #FlirtSquadResolutions

From The Collector: A Dante Walker Novel by Victoria Scott:

In 2013, I vow to be like Dante Walker and put more swagger in my step. http://tinyurl.com/asbrvox #FlirtSquadResolutions

From Measuring Up and Charade by Nyrae Dawn:

In 2013 I vow to be like Annabel & learn health matters, but weight doesn't define me. #FlirtSquadResolutions http://www.amazon.com/Measuring-Up-ebook/dp/B008VO1YGG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1356999665&sr=8-1&keywords=measuring+up
In 2013 I vow to be like Colt and not run when things get tough. To stay & show love. http://www.amazon.com/Charade-ebook/dp/B009V5VG3A/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1357000090&sr=1-1&keywords=charade #FlirtSquadResolutions
In 2013 I vow to be like Cheyenne & not let the past define me. To learn to make my own future. #FlirtSquadResolutions http://www.amazon.com/Charade-ebook/dp/B009V5VG3A/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1357000090&sr=1-1&keywords=charade

From Spectral and Gabriel Stone by Shannon Duffy:

In 2013 I vow to be as brave as Jewel and embrace what makes me unique. #FlirtSquadResolutions http://amzn.to/VEGo2Q
In 2013 I vow to be as adventurous as Gabriel and face my fears. #FlirtSquadResolutions http://amzn.to/ZuT13G

From Prophecy Girl: Angel Academy by Cecily White:

In 2013, I vow to face my demons fearlessly, like Amelie! #FlirtSquadResolutions #AngelAcademy http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/14741366-prophecy-girl @CecilyWhite
In 2013, I vow to be like Jack and fight for my beliefs, no matter how unpopular! #FlirtSquadResolutions https://www.facebook.com/AngelAcademySeries @CecilyWhite
In 2013, I vow to be like Amelie and find humor amidst struggle! #FlirtSquadResolutions #AngelAcademy https://www.facebook.com/AngelAcademySeries @CecilyWhite

From Unmaking Hunter Kennedy and Almost by Anne Eliot:

In 2013 I WILL stop hiding under baggy clothes like Vere Roth did in Unmaking Hunter Kennedy http://amzn.com/B009RS5M36 #FlirtSquadResolutions
In 2013 I WILL kiss more often while eating apples! Unmaking Hunter Kennedy #firstkisses http://amzn.com/B009RS5M36 #FlirtSquadResolutions
In 2013 I vow to ask a quiet girl WHY & try to be her friend. Almost, by Anne Eliot http://amzn.com/B0075CHVDA #FlirtSquadResolutions

From Destiny's Fire by Trisha Wolfe:

In 2013, I plan to be as tough as Dez and go for what I want #FlirtSquadResolutions http://www.amazon.com/Destinys-Fire-ebook/dp/B006VIMAJO/ref=pd_sim_kstore_1

From Conjure by Lea Nolan:

In 2013, my heart will be as open as Emma's in CONJURE. #FlirtSquadResolutionshttp://tinyurl.com/a2zydfo @Lea_Nolan
In 2013, I'll use my powers for good like Emma does in CONJURE. #FlirtSquadResolutionshttp://tinyurl.com/a2zydfo @Lea_Nolan
In 2013, I'll be as determined as Emma is in CONJURE. #FlirtSquadResolutionshttp://tinyurl.com/a2zydfo @Lea_Nolan

Awesome, right? Told you it was a good one. So what are you waiting for? Get Your Flirt On!!

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Flirt Squad update

Hey everyone,

Today there has been some changes for Flirt Squad Rachel has posted that the 500 point drawing will hapen on November 1st so to help members reach the desiered points the following changes have been made:

 1. Tweet any of the following ( +5 per tweet, only one of these tweets counted per day!! Post link in doc):

Wanna be a character in @RachelHarrisYA 's future book? Join the #FlirtSquad to find out how #16C
Unleash YOUR Inner Flirt, read My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century by @RachelHarrisYA #16C
Swooning over Lorenzo in #16C
Best Sweet Sixteen ever! #16C @RachelHarrisYA
21st century girl, 16th century boy. Italian accents. Renaissance art. Best. Birthday. Ever. #MySuperSweet16thCentury http://amzn.to/NJIdZS
21st century girl, 16th century boy. Italian accents. Renaissance art. Best. Birthday. Ever. #MySuperSweet16thCentury http://bit.ly/wzxFfC
2. Retweet any posts about the book or my upcoming book tour from me (@RachelHarrisYA) or any of my peeps' (+5 point per retweet, one per day only, let me know in doc)

3. Like the My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century Series  Facebook Fan Page (+10, let me know on doc. Yes, if you already liked it, this counts!)

4. Post pictures, favorite lines, or thoughts about the book or Super Sweet series, or simply interact with me on the series FB Page (+2 per post, one per day)

5. Like my Facebook Author Page (+10, let me know on doc. Yes, if you already liked it, this counts!)

6. Put the cover of My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century as your avatar on FB and Twitter (+10 for the first site the avatar is placed and +5 for each additional, post link on doc)

7. Buy My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century! If YOU order it OR get a friend/family member/acquaintance to do so, email me a copy of the receipt (Flirtsquad@gmail.com) and you get (+30) for each book sold! 

8. Send me a picture of you, your kids, or your pets reading or holding My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century(+25 points)

9.  Blog About the Flirt Squad, what it’s about, and why you think others have to join *grin*  (+10, must post link in the doc)

10. Mention the Flirt Squad on Facebook (+10, post link to the doc)

11. Write an honest review for Goodreads once you read the book (all reviews count!!) (+10, post link on doc)

12. Write an honest review for Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or any retail outlet (all reviews count!!) (+20 first review, +10 each additional retail site you post it. Post link on doc)

13. Recruit subscribers to my Newsletter--see sidebar (+15 for anyone who signs up and mentions your name as referral. Can only earn points for this once)

14. Promote My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century on Facebook by posting Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or any other retail buy page links in a status (+15, Only one link per day by any social media **update** and let me know on the doc)

15. Add my Book Trailer (click the link) to your Blog, Website, or Facebook account (+15, leave the link for proof)

16. Recommending My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century to your friends on Goodreads (+20, take a screen shot and email it to FlirtSquad@gmail.com)

17. Post the above Flirt Squad button, or any of the Super Sweet Character buttons (see sidebar) on your own sidebar (+5 for first button, +2 for each additional)

18. Email a friend or YA book loving family member and ask them to join the Flirt Squad ( + 25 for all future *active* members when they join, make sure they email me at FlirtSquad@gmail.com and mention that you referred them so you can get the points!)


A quick recap of what's up for grabs:


First level (25 points): A Super Sweet bookmark and tattoo
Second level (75 points): All prizes above PLUS a set of trading cards (your very own pocket-sized Lorenzo and Cat!), and a Super Sweet bracelet
Third level (150 points): All prizes above PLUS your name in the acknowledgements of book 2 in the Super Sweet series, A TALE OF TWO CENTURIES
Fourth level (250 points): All prizes above PLUS a special note from me inviting you to the sequel to My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century, A TALE OF TWO CENTURIES, including a special sneak peek!
ALL Participants who Reach Fifth Level (500 points): All prizes above PLUS an entry into a drawing to make a special appearance as a character in a future book.
AND ALL Squad Members, Regardless of points accrued: Entered into a drawing for a signed copy of MY SUPER SWEET SIXTEENTH CENTURY, Plus a Skype or telephone chat (may or may not include other YA authors!)

Hope you earn enough points to enter the drawing and remember to Join the Flirt Squad.

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Flirt Squad Challenge


I presented our guest author, Cindi Madsen, with the first official Flirt Squad Challenge Question, and I freaking LOVE her answer!

To play along, and earn 25 POINTS toward the DOS Challenge, simply answer the question below on your own blog, Facebook page, or some other public medium, along with a link back to the Official Flirt Squad Welcome post, inviting them to join in the fun....and you know you're having a blast with me on those docs (he he!)

Leave your links in the comments here or tweet it out and include me (@RachelHarrisYA).

Our Flirt Squad Challenge Question for the month of August is:

What is the silliest thing you ever did to get someone's attention?

My reply will be posted on my main blog page "The Craziest Thing I Ever Did To Get Someone's Attention," and here's Cindi Madsen's response:

I don’t really have one certain instance, but with a small town, you pretty much know what everyone drives. So if I spotted the car of the boy I liked stopped at Winco (It was the local convenience store) I’d stop in. I mean, I could always use another Mountain Dew or Snickers or whatever, so it was the perfect excuse.

Only then I’d see the guy and I would just kinda avoid them because all my courage was gone and I didn’t know what to say. I became VERY interested in the candy shelf, scared to look up.

I always hoped they’d come up to me and smile and I don’t know, ask me out or SOMETHING. But I was usually lucky to get a “hi,” head nod, or wave.

I always wondered if I would’ve said something besides “hi” back, if we could’ve gotten something going. But instead I just stood there, gripping my soda and candy like my life depended on it, wondering how the heck anyone ever got a boyfriend.

They probably just thought I was really into my junk food. Lol!

He he, I LOVE it!! Didn't I tell you people that Cindi was awesome? I can so relate to teenage Cindi... sigh.

What about YOU?? What is the Silliest/Craziest/Most Embarrassing thing YOU ever did to get someone's attention??

I don"t really have any, but this one time I was with a group of Friends and we where at our county fair. I saw a friend and I wanted to say Hi, but she was too far away to see me so I started waving and waving until it looked like I was doing jumping jacks in the middle of the walk path and every one started to stare so I just ran over scaring her almost half to death. :P

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century

Hey everyone here is another book you cant read it yet but it will be out soon. Say Hi to Rachel Harris's My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century:

I hear their muffled whispers and understand every Italian word. Every witty comment made at my expense.

It’s like my brain is automatically translating.

I bunch the soft fabric of the dress in my hand and then reach up to feel the ribbon in my hair. I lightly skim my fingers over my chin and feel my lack of zit. I take in the costumes of the crowd, the stench of the animals, and the Italian I can now speak and understand. And suddenly it hits me.

Reyna must have pulled some kind of gypsy mojo.

Maybe this is one of those nifty “change your life” magic scenarios like in the movies. I mean, mostly I’m still expecting to blink and be right back in the midst of overpriced, gaudy tourism, but for now, the gypsy-time-warp explanation is infinitely better than thinking I’ve lost my mind. As I decide to go with that option, I feel my frantic tension melt away.

The growing crowd seems to notice my change in demeanor and begins shooting one another amused looks, but I don’t care anymore. A smile stretches across my face. Evidently, I was wrong earlier; Reyna is a psychic mind reader, because if this is her special brand of bibbity-bobbity-boo, then she made my exact daydream from earlier in the courtyard come to life.

The long red gown, the braided hair, the Italian merchant’s daughter, the time period. I am in Renaissance Florence.

I stare dumbly at the ground, the words and reality sinking in.

I’m in Renaissance Florence!

Cindi Madsen

Hey Readers, welcome to the site to start off the blog our first book is going to be Demonds of the Sun by Cindi Madsen. Yay!!! So I hope you enjoy


Persephone didn’t ask to be the guardian of Hades Dagger, an artifact Hades forged to turn demons into daywalkers and wants back. She didn’t ask for the demon blood running through her veins that allows her to touch the thing, either. And she definitely didn’t ask for Jax, a cocky Warrior, to barge into her life and proclaim himself her bodyguard. Suddenly she has to deal with all three, along with an increase in demon attacks and the fact members of the Order of Zeus keep turning up dead.

When demons tell Persephone that she’s one of them, she’s appalled. And a little intoxicated by the power she feels when they call her their queen. Telling Jax about her demon side might turn him away from her forever, but something bad is brewing, and if Persephone doesn’t figure out something, and soon, she’ll be responsible for unleashing Hell on Earth.

If you want to read the book you can order it here at this link: